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A majority of Clients have reportedly cliamed that they faced this “T Mobile Can’t Make Calls” issue, although data appears to be unaffected. Also, there were also complaints form some users who apart from the calling services hit reported for their text messaging service being affected also .

In such times a real time live link termed as DownDetector, which collects data on real time basis to record any outage occurred or will also reports for any potential evidence for it to occur in near future based on its future analysis by acquiring data of live streams from users. Earlier a newspaper journal also reported, a major (level 3) fiber network outage  on which it is the cell networks that reled upon for routing calls and messages. However, a representative from CenturyLink media, which owns Level 3, mentioned on record that there were no outage on its duplex network.

When Your T Mobile Can’t Make Calls or Receive Them

In case whether you are unable to make or receive any calls or you encounter you network is giving typical error marked as congestion as it shows busy status marked in settings bar. For additional specific troubleshooting steps, visit Apple Support.

  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting If Your Device hit by phone calling Or Your T Mobile Can’t Make Calls Anymore

  • Restart your phone.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi off to make it certain you’re using the T-Mobile network.
  • Turn on VoLTE.
  • Make sure to uninstall downloaded apps such as calling apps; all blocking, launcher, and homescreen applications.
  • Ensure to Reset the network settings by following a path (Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network Settings).
  • Update the device software to the latest version. You can do this over Wi-Fi. Also, ensure to Visit the page for latest versions of apps.

Unable to Connect a specific number or make international dial

  • Ensure that the number you are dialing must not have  a prefixes like 1-700, 1-900, or 976.
  • Make sure the number you’re calling isn’t on the device’s Block or Spam list.
  • Make sure to dial the number on the dialer by entering the full 11-digit phone number, instead of using any half saved contact number on phone.
  • Include any country codes or area codes. (Add suitable extension like 011 to the beginning for US numbers.)
  • Mark with your disabled caller ID by dialing suitable extension before the 11-digit phone number.

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 All incoming calls go to voicemail

  • Reset your call forwarding settings
  • Always make a pratice to ensure that the number dialled is not marked as Block or Spam on the device spam list.
  • Ensure to Check whether or not Call Waiting feature is turned ON with in your phone settings.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. In case if your Bluetooth device is turned ON, then the device might get to try to transfer the ring to paired device.
  • Ensure to check the T mobile notification switch on either side of the device, if you have it. It may bring T Mobile Can’t Make Calls issue to occur which can make the phone go silent or turn off alerts to anyone who is not a favorite contact, and you may be missing those calls.
  • Jut check whether on the off chance if can be done then carefully transfer the SIM card to another T-Mobile set and have someone dial you to see if the calls get connected to voicemail on that device. This system test will assist Customer Care agents to diagnose for any discrepancy for which the T Mobile Can’t Make Calls issue.

Advanced Troubleshooting If Your Device hit by phone calling Or Your T Mobile Can’t Make Calls Anymore

On the off chance if your T Mobile Can’t Make Calls or receive them. We advise you to keep a tab on certain settings to make them turn ON, if your software is not updated, or if there’s a issue with your network.

Just look for what to do while you see “No service” or “Searching” in the settings. We advise you to follow the given steps which are as under:

Check your iPhone settings
  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off.
  • Check your Do Not Disturb settings.
  • Check for any blocked phone numbers. Go to Settings/ Phone/Blocked Contacts.
  • See If Call Forwarding is turned on.

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Update your software To Ensure No T Mobile Can’t Make Calls Issue Appears
  • Check for a carrier settings update.
  • Check for an iOS software update. Some updates might require a Wi-Fi connection.
Contact your carrier

When you contact your carrier, make sure that:

  • You have got set up ready to use with account login access grant over your device.
  • There aren’t any localized service outages.
  • Your account doesn’t have a billing-related block.
  • No Erroneous flagged calls on the carrier.
Check your network settings
  • Reset your network settings.
  • Always look to make/receive calls from other random locations to check if the T Mobile Can’t Make Calls issue still appears.
  • Switch to a different network band.

If the issue persists try contacting t mobile customer service team for help with such issues.

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