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Upgrade Your Verizon Fios Connection to 5G for Better Connectivity

We are all living in a world of smartphones where internet connection is a must. With growing technology and time everyone needs better connectivity to keep their life going. Everything these days is on phone from news to social media to banking and literally everything.

Tech is developing every single day and we need to upgrade ourselves with it too. Get your connection upgraded to 5G and experience a better world of the internet. To learn more and upgrade your connection to 5G contact Verizon FiOS customer service number to get all the updates.

How to upgrade to 5G?

  • Check online that your device is eligible for an upgrade using your mobile number and email id.
  • Make sure your device is connected to the WIFI.
  • Charge your device battery to 100% before the upgrade.
  • Go on settings, then click on system settings, then click on system updates and check the updates available.
  • When you click on the available update click on download now.
  • After clicking download the update the device will turn off and turn on after the update is done click ok after the device turns on.
  • After the download is complete and the device is on you’ll receive a notification to install the update click on install now.
  • While the update is installing the device will turn off and turn on after the update is installed.

For a Verizon Subscriber- open the My Verizon app and click on the hamburger menu then go on my devices then click on activate device 5G.

Connect with technical support on the Verizon FiOS customer service number if you face any issues and problems while updating your device.

About Verizon 5G Update

The update can only be installed on devices supporting 5G. The devices must be 5G compatible to connect to Verizon’s 5G network.

  • A 5G SIM is needed to use 5G networks. It is not compatible with 4G SIM.
  • 5G upgrades on devices that do not support 5G offer 4G or 3G networks.
  • A one-time upgrade fee is charged and is refundable for 14 days if you don’t like the upgrade.
  • Save your data in the Verizon cloud to make sure you don’t lose your data, contacts, and other information on your device after the upgrade.
  • You can get detailed information about Verizon 5G upgrades at the Verizon FiOS customer service number through the agents or by visiting the official site of Verizon.

Compatible Devices with 5G

The devices that support 5G upgrades are:-

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 +5G
  • Google Pixel 5
  • Motorola one 5G UW

Different Plans of Verizon 5G

  • Verizon Play More
  • Verizon Get More
  • Verizon Do More

What helps customers get from the technical support? 

  • Customers can get in touch with the technical support agents at Verizon FiOS customer service number if they need any kind of assistance regarding upgrades.
  • If customers face issues while upgrading 5G on their device they can connect with agents at the technical team via chat or calling on the customer service number.
  • All the details regarding 5G are provided to the customers for easy upgrades by the executives at Verizon FiOS customer service number.

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