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T-Mobile is a Wireless network operator, an American company that deals with wireless voice and data services under T-Mobile US, Inc. The company has gained a prime position in the industry, and always it follows its trend of solid customer growth. Even though “Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls” issue happens, the company has gained an important place for the nationwide transformation of the 5G network and implementing merger synergies. T-Mobiles offer their users low international roaming rates and other GSM services internationally. It also provides their frequent travelers with a ‘single number service’.

T Mobile Widespread Outage – Experiencing Dropped Calls Nationwide

 T-Mobile uses a superior sound quality service, namely, GSM digital protocol, for its voice calls, which have solid coverage and signal strength. But, still, the users of T-Mobile are experiencing degradation in their voice service. T-Mobile calls are more muted and muddled as they mainly use on GSM protocol with low latency than CDMA digital protocols.  “Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls” basically happens outside of Urban and Suburban areas or along the corridors of inter-city. These areas mainly deal with poor service or no service. The calls directly fail after immediately after making a call. There were no signs of cyber-attack or other related theft issues. So, the problem seems to be in the network itself.

The company assured their users to scrutinize the matter related to the dropped calls thoroughly. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) researches the issue and blame T-Mobile ineptitude. But the company takes strict action in a short period. There were hundreds of engineers working up tirelessly to look out for the factors that cause the call dropping issue and resolve them as soon as possible. While this process was going on, the data connection was allowed to work throughout the process.

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Why my t-mobile calls are disconnecting frequently?

  1. Distance from Cell Towers: The main areas that encountered call drops were mainly the dead zone areas.
  2. Fibre Circuit Failure: This failure corresponds to the third-party provider.  This failure then caused overload situations. The overload traffic resulted in an IP traffic storm. The company worked upon it to build resiliency and redundancy to ensure that it is not affected by this failure. The company also worked upon their IP vendors and IP Multimedia subsystem to add permanent safeguards for preventing the same problem from arising again.
  3. Damaged Equipment: The other main reason Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls is related to the damaged antennas. These damaged antennas cause data loss, poor cell phone reception and dropped calls. So, there must be a well-managed power supply for maintaining a frequent and stable connection.
  4. Construction Materials: In some areas, T-Mobile users suffered from dropped calls due to their local environment. The environment can be related to the construction materials like sheet metal, wire mesh, reinforced concrete, type of insulation, etc.

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Fix T mobile keeps dropping calls

If you also stuck with the question that Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls and cannot resolve the issue, your search ends up here. While facing the call failure issues, T-Mobile guides their users to follow some troubleshooting tips which can help them the overcome problem and do relevant service.

Check the following list for ensuring that your device is relevant to make and receive calls. This checklist is to be considered by the users before arising any issue or following up with the troubleshooting process.

  • A balance should be there for pre-paid lines, and the line should be active.
  • Check that your device is showing at least two network signal bars. If your device shows less than two bars then, it is not adequate to make a call. In this case, the user must go for troubleshooting “Signal Issues or No Service troubleshooting”.
  • Make sure that the signal is not disturbed by Wi-Fi calling issues. For this, you must set your Wi-Fi calling preferences to ‘Cellular Only’ or ‘Cellular Preferred’.
  • There must be no blocking calls for ‘Family Allowance’.
  • If you make your call internationally, you must first check for the right features of your account. For this, refer to “Stateside Calling and Texting Service”. For more queries for making an international call, you can take a guide to ‘Make an International Call’.
  • Sometimes, Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls keep happening even if you are on call for more than four hours; then, the call is interrupted in between.

If you come across any issue related to your call, you can follow up with the troubleshooting.

Unable to Make or Receive Call:

If you are facing issues as call failed, three beeps, fast busy, get busy, or three rising tones, then you can follow the basic troubleshooting steps:

  • The very first step is to restart your phone.
  • Now, turn your Wi-Fi OFF to ensure that you must connect with a network of T-Mobile.
  •  Turn VoLTE ON.
  • Uninstall all the applications you might have downloaded when the problem arises. The apps can be related to any blocking app, any home screen app, any launcher or any other calling application.

Note: T-Mobile does not support any call on other services such as Google Voice.

  • Now update the software of your mobile to its latest available version.

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Troubleshooting T-mobile Dropped Calls

It is normal if your call is dropping after four hours. But, if Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls issue keep happening within a shorter time, then you must follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • If your calls are dropping only in certain specific places, then first check “4G LTE and 5G Network Coverage Map.
  • Kindly look for your touch screen while making up the call as it is not waking up. It can be the case that your touch screen comes in contact with your cheeks or fingers during the call, and uncertainly, there is a touch on the “End Call” button.
  • You can also check by removing your cases or phone covers as some of them are not ideally suited to your device.
  • Your device software must comply with the latest version. For checking the information regarding any update, you can go to the “Device” page.
  • Try to gain a call in the same place where you earlier met with a drop call issue. Check is again the same problem arises or not.
  • Lastly, you can check by removing the SIM card from the device on which you are facing an issue and shifting your SIM card to any other T-Mobile device. Now detect whether Why T Mobile Keeps Dropping Calls issue still happens or not.

If the issue persists try contacting t-mobile customer service team for help.

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