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Are you looking to transfer Ulta Beauty points to another account? Ulta Beauty is the largest beauty retailer and premium beauty destination in the US. Through its chain of beauty stores, Ulta offers cosmetics, beauty, skincare, fragrance, hair care products, and salon services. Read further for details on points transferability, ways to request such transfers, and more.

Are Ulta Beauty Points Eligible for Transfers?

Ulta Beauty allows customers to transfer points from an old account to a new one through an account merger process. However, under no circumstances does Ulta allow the transfer of points to another person’s account. To transfer points from your old account to a new one, you will have to share the loyalty number, and the points will be moved within days. More details on how to transfer Ulta Beauty points are provided below.

How to Transfer Ulta Beauty Points by Merging Accounts?

Ulta Beauty

You can transfer Ulta Beauty points by merging the account in the store or by contacting a customer service representative. 

Let’s discuss in brief of transfer Ulta Beauty points:

Transfer Points Directly at the Ulta Store

You can directly transfer your points by merging straight at the Ulta Beauty store. They will guide you through the process of how you can do that in-store how convenient it is to understand the process in person and what other options you can try if it doesn’t go well. You can visit any Ulta store nearest to your location in the United States.

Transfer Points via Phone Call to Ulta

The second way by which you can transfer points is through a phone call. You can connect with their customer care representatives at 1-866-983-8582. They are available every day from 7 AM to 11 PM CT.

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What are Ultamate Reward Points?

In 1990, the Company reopened the beauty retail experience by providing a new way to shop for beauty.  It helps in bringing together all things beauty, all in one place. Today, Ulta Beauty has expanded to become the top national retailer offering the complete beauty experience.

Ulta offers premium collaborations often partnering with well-known influencers and beauty professionals. This creates unique and limited-edition collections. These exclusive offerings attract customers to obtain something special and different. 

Ultamate Rewards is a free program that provides you with benefits for your love of beauty. You can earn points each time you shop at Ulta Beauty and redeem points for discounts on any product or service.

How does the Ulta’s Rewards System Work?

Customers earn 1 point on every 1$ spent on valid purchase items. Platinum members earn 1.25$ on each purchase and Diamond users earn 1.5 points for 1$ you spent. You can submit every receipt and email receipt to earn points on all items that you shop. It can also be checked on the app from where you can redeem points for free Ulta Beauty gift cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have two Ulta accounts?

No, you cannot have two Ulta accounts. A person is entitled to use only one account otherwise it will lead to cancellation of accounts and cannot be brought back.

How do Ulta Points Convert to Dollars?

The more often you shop at Ulta Beauty stores, the faster the points will add up. The more points you collect that will be worth it.

How much is 600 Points in Ulta?

If a customer wishes to redeem 600 Points the transaction will allow them to redeem 500 points and receive a $17.50 discount and for the remaining 100 points receive a $3.00 discount and for a total amount of $20.50 off.

Can I use all my Ulta Points at Once?

You can use as many points as you want to as far as you have those. They have a rounding chart so you pay some out of your pocket. There is no limit to how many points you can use.

Do Ulta Points Expire?

Points will expire at the quarter-end one year after they were earned. You can check them at Ulta Rewards or your monthly mail statement for the next expiration date.

How do I Redeem my Ulta Rewards?

Visit the website there will be a payment and billing option to expand the ultamate redeem points field. Select how many points you want to redeem on this order and place it likewise.

You can redeem up to 4,000 points during an online order and up to 10,000 if you are doing it from the store.

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