How to Connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi?

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How to Connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi

In the field of smart home security, Vivint cameras are a major choice for keeping a vision at your place. These cameras provide peace and relaxation allowing you to have an eye on your home from anywhere with an internet connection. If you are thinking about How to Connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi, this guide will help you with the process and improve your home security.

Essential Requirements for Connecting Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi

Essential requirements for connecting Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi

To Connect your Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi there are some points to be considered before setting up to avoid any issues:

Vivint Smart Home Camera:

The first thing you need with you is a Vivint Smart Home Camera ready with you to avoid any hassle at the time of connecting it with Wi-Fi.

Vivint Camera App:

The next thing is your Vivint Camera App, for a smooth and easy process you need to install the Vivint Camera App so that it gives you a hassle-free experience.

Smartphone or Tablet:

A smartphone or tablet on whatever device you are connecting with is important to avoid any problems in between. So, you should keep ready a device with you.

An Active Internet Connection:

If you want to connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi, then Internet Connection is a major component. Without a proper and active internet connection, you will not be able to get live updates.

Suitable location for your camera:

You need to figure out a suitable location for your camera where you will place it. The location depends on the structure of your home where you will set up your camera and monitor it throughout. 

Stable Power Supply for Your Camera:

The power supply is another important factor that is required for your camera setup. Without power, it will not work.

Step-by-Step Guide: Connecting Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi

Usually, a Vivint Smart Home Expert will install and place your cameras, but after placing you can move them wherever you want accordingly. If your camera loses a Wi-Fi connection or you replaced your Wi-Fi provider you need to reinstall it to your router yet again.

Let’s understand the process of How to connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi:

Assembling the Necessary Items:

In the above part, we have discussed all the items you need to assemble before connecting your Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi.

Turn On your Vivint Camera:

After assembling all the items, you have to turn on your Vivint Camera. Switch on your camera there is a power button to switch it on. Mostly they turn on with an LED light or a sound.

Install and Open the Vivint App:

Next, visit the Google Play Store(Android users) or the App Store(iOS users) to install the Vivint Application on your device. Once the app is installed open it.

Create an Account:

After successfully installing the application, create an account you need to create a Vivint Smart Home Account and make sure you remember your credentials.

Add New Device:

Now you have to add your camera to the app, select Add device, and choose the camera you wish to add followed by all the instructions to connect the camera to Wi-Fi.

Connect to Wi-Fi:

Connect your camera to Wi-Fi, Vivint Camera must be only accessible by a strong Wi-Fi connection. The camera is designed in such a manner that it helps you with your home security and is designed to provide high-quality video for your home.

Setup Camera:

Finally, after completing all the steps you need to set up your Vivint Camera, name it, and adjust the settings.

steps for connecting vivint camera to Wi-Fi
These are some steps for connecting Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi


Lastly, you have the option to monitor and test the camera move it around, and check all the features are working efficiently, the quality of videos, and audio are up to the mark and there should be no lagging issues.

It is a simple process to connect Vivint Camera to Wi-Fi. After the completion of the process, it will lead to a safe and secure life for your home safety. With the help of this you can access your Vivint Camera anywhere remotely whether it is the backyard or front door, this camera adds security and peace of mind to everyone’s life.

Vivint Cameras work without Wi-Fi

Users who are a newbie in the world of smart homes might be wondering if Vivint can be used without a Wi-Fi connection or not. The most common concern that arises is how can it be possible without a connection.

Vivint is a true wireless system that helps users to access Vivint without Wi-Fi as well but the cost is that you won’t be able to monitor live videos and safety through the app. Users may be able to do a recording offline and also if it gets disconnected from Wi-Fi they may be limited to access and won’t be able to enjoy 24*7 live footage. You can visit Vivint Smart Home to know in depth.

Fixing Vivint Camera Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Many issues can cause your Camera to lose the connection to your home Wi-Fi network. Whether it is a power cut or any storm passed by your network with proper guidance, you can help resolve Wi-Fi connection issues. 

Causes of Vivint Camera Wi-Fi Connection Issues 

The causes due to which Vivint Camera lost the connection are as under:

  • Extended power interruption 
  • Poor signal strength 
  • Network settings like band steering or AP insulation 
  • Tripped power force lines 
  • Switching between 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands 
  • Outdated app 

How To Fix Vivint Camera Offline?

  • The first thing you can do to fix the Vivint camera is to turn off the system and reconnect it after 20- 30 seconds. Once the device is ready refresh the app and check if it’s connected to the camera. 
  • Make sure you can connect to the internet to other biases to the same Wi-Fi connection you were making for the Vivint camera. 
  • If your device connects move further if not communicate with your internet service provider to troubleshoot your network. 
  • Move your Vivint Camera closer to the router if you can do it either way or your router to the camera. 
  • This will help in erecting connections and strengthening them. 
  • On any device that’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network go to the mentioned address https// and run a speed test. 
  • You’ll need a minimum of 2 Mbps, per camera, for download and upload speed. If this way doesn’t work communicate with your internet service provider.
  • If any of the above ways do not work try installing a mesh Wi-Fi or an extender, this will help extend your Wi-Fi network.

Achieving Satisfactory Customer Service at Vivint

So many people complain about not connecting directly to the live person due to the long queue. Some representatives get positive reviews for their services, whereas some are less professional in providing instantly committed resolutions. In short, it is a mixed experience wherein positive feedback is on the higher side with more than 80% satisfied customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use my Vivint camera without a subscription?

Yes, you can use Vivint Camera without service but you would not be able to enjoy any benefits of monitoring the videos, could not access the mobile app, and 24*7 technical support.  

Are Vivint cameras Wireless?

Yes, Vivint cameras come with wireless technology, which can be used more effortlessly and is much easier to install. It works by transmitting the camera’s video via an RF transmitter. 

How do I access my Vivint camera?

From the home screen of the Vivint Smart Home app click the camera icon from the middle of the bottom navigation bar. To monitor live click the thumbnail of the camera, and click done to return to the main camera screen.

Does What App work with Vivint cameras?

Your Vivint Smart Home App works best with Vivint Cameras from there you can view live videos and access all the features associated with it.

How many cameras can a Vivint system have?

Vivint allows up to Six cameras per account to access. However, if you want to enjoy more benefits, you have to invest in a different system.

How does the Vivint app work?

Vivint provides a feature for accessing and monitoring from anywhere. Download the application on your device and follow the instructions. After completion, you can use it with ease.

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