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HP Solution center is a program designated for the management of the HP Printers.  HP Solution center plays a crucial role in various tasks like copying, scanning and printing. If you are facing any issue and also ‘HP Solution Center Not Working’, then you can first try to resolve with these following steps:

Run Performance Tune-up: It requires maintaining performance check-ups to optimize and analyze your computer. You also have to get some free space for downloading and installing the updates. Performance tune-up check helps in freezing the issues and upgrading the system performance. So if your HP Solution Center Not Working, then you can run a performance tune-up. Performance tune-up will help to optimize the functioning and fixing the issues.

Update BIOS: Another way you can handle the issue is to install the latest BIOS before any updates. It deals with the new updates working of existing components. BIOS helps in preventing and controlling any further issues. You can check the BIOS version like this:

  • Go to the search bar of your computer and type ‘System Information. Open it.
  • Now go to ‘System Summary’ on the left-hand side
  • , where you can check the BIOS date corresponding to the item and the version corresponding to the item value.

Update Graphics Drivers: Graphics drivers also play an important role as there is a need to update these drivers on time for your services to be done efficiently. Make sure that your system has the latest graphic drivers for the success of the process.

Check for Updates: If you are facing any difficulty regarding HP Solution Center Not Working, then there is a possibility that you have not installed any new updates. To check for any new update, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the start button, and then select Settings
  • Now go to ‘Update and security
  • From there, open the ‘Window Update’ option.
  • Now, tick the checkbox corresponding to the ‘Check for Update’ button. Now you will get the list of updates available if any.
  • If you want to update, then apply it.
  • If you do not have any updates pending or your device has all the updates then, the system will show ‘Your device is up to date.

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Why Hp solution center is not working?

Another reason why HP Solution Center Not Working is that your flash software might have been inactive or the organization is not supporting the flash program. To solve this, the company suggested using built-in print software available on Windows Operating System. This software performs all the print tasks. To use it, you have to download it. To download,

  • Search for “Change Device Installation setting”; and select the ‘Yes’ button for enabling the auto-update. selecting yes will automatically download the software.
  • Go to ‘Control panel’.
  • Now navigate to ‘Device and Printer’ Settings.
  • Select ‘Add Printer’.

Sometimes, there is also a case when the HP Solution Center Not Working due to any up gradation in the software. Then you can resolve this issue in two ways:

Uninstall HP Printer Software

Steps for uninstalling the HP Printer Software are:

  • Detach the Printer and the computer
  • Go to the Windows Search bar and type “Add or Remove Programs”. Press Enter key.
  • A list will appear of all install programs. Click on your Printer’s name and then select ‘Uninstall’. If you can see your Printer name, select ‘HP Smart’ and then select ‘Uninstall’.
  • A message will open up as soon as you press uninstall. This message will be corresponding to User Account Control, select ‘Yes.
  • Now, go with the instructions flow and restart your system.
  • Now after the system is restarting, go to the Control panel.
  • Search and select ‘Devices and Printers’.
  • Right-click all the printer icons related to your HP Printer, and select Uninstall or remove the device. If there is no icon on the screen, then the Printer has automatically done this step.
  • Now, resolving the problem; HP Solution Center Not Working, all the Printer’s drivers and software are uninstall.

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Replace the HP Drivers

We have to check regularly that the drivers we are using in our system must not be faulty or outdated. We can check it using special software. You must ensure that your drivers must be free from any crash, bugs, lags, etc. Following are the steps that help to update your drivers securely.

Reinstall HP Printer Software:

  We must reinstall the drivers when HP Solution Center Not Working because this helps us in resolving the problem automatically. To reinstall the drivers, perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, disconnect the connection between the table and the Printer.
  • Now go to ‘Settings. In the settings section, press apps.
  • Now, search for the HP printer and then click on the Uninstall button to uninstall the driver.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and go with its flow.  This process can leave some of the files on the computer. So check thoroughly for all the files related to the driver and deletes them.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Reinstall all the drivers and now perform the printing action.

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Open HP Solution Center

HP solution center is not ideal software that is available separately. It comes up with the HP drivers and is built-in the driver. It is automatically downloaded when you install the HP drivers. So, you can face the problem of HP Solution Center Not Working when it not properly downloaded with the drivers. So, there is a need to check it in your system. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Search bar
  • In the search field, type HP.
  • Click on the result displayed.
  • Clicking on it will automatically open the HP Solution Center.

So, HP Solution Center Not Working mainly arises when your system is not up to date with the latest drivers and the operating system is not compatible with the drivers. Fixing this problem is involves working upon these drivers. You have to install the new version of drivers or maintain the compatibility between the operating system and the drivers.

If the issue persist then you need to contact hp customer service team for help.

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