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Venmo is a digital platform that helps you to transfer money to another person directly using the application. But, there are times when you face an error ‘Venmo Keeps Crashing’ while using the app. Crashing of the Venmo app does not allow you to even follow up with a single task. It is basically under the developer’s control to keep a check that the app does not crash, as the main reason for it can be that it is not working smoothly with the operating system. The OS plays the main role in the successful working of any app. If it crashes regularly, then the developer is responsible for its accurate functioning. Apart from the OS problem, the app also crashes due to the problem with the app itself and the device which you are using. There can also be internet connectivity issues with the Venmo app resulting in crashing.

Maintaining the Venmo App and Resolving ‘Venmo Keeps Crashing’ Issue

While working on your payment transfers it feels very frustrating if your app stops in between and crashes. The situation is even more disappointing if it crashes again and again. In this situation, you are at a halt to your online transfer. So, you require a quick solution to deal with the problem and continue your payment transfers. There are various methods that you have to perform and check the precise working of your application. The resolution depends on the cause of the problem. To get the instant fixing of the issue, you have to first analyze its cause and take proper action against it.

Updating Operating System and Android Version

The first and foremost step you can perform to overcome the issue is by checking the OS and the Android version. If the OS version is outdated, then you have to install the latest version of it. The same implies to the Android version. To check the OS Version on your phone, you can go to settings, then go to Software Updates. Check for any updates there. If it shows any pending update, then perform it. Very rarely, you can also get the Android Version updates on your device. Check for any updates corresponding to your Android version. If yes, perform it. Restart your device, and again open the Venmo app to check if you still face the issue ‘Venmo Keeps Crashing’.

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Update Venmo Application

You can also face crashing problems when there is a pending update corresponding to the Venmo app. Your Venmo application must belong to its latest version to work properly. To check for any pending updates, connect your phone with a high-speed internet connection. Now, visit the app store or play store. Go to download, and locate the Venmo App. Check if there is an update or not. If yes, then click on the ‘Update’ button. Wait for the download process to complete. Now restart your device and again use the Venmo app. Check for a successful transaction. If still, you face the issue, “Venmo Keeps Cashing’, then follow the next step.

Check Online For the App Maintenance

Another way to manage and resolve this issue is to follow up with the maintenance activity of the application that comes up periodically. The maintenance helps to fix the delays, sign-in issues, crash problems, and much more.

To follow up with the maintenance check, go online on the official website of Venmo using your web browser. Now, check the status of your Venmo application. Check if there is any maintenance required for the app. If yes, follow up with the entire procedure as mentioned there. Now, check if your app is working precisely or not.

Clearing App Data Cache

Another way to resolve the issue is by clearing up the cache memory. There can be corrupted data or incorrect information stored in the cache memory resulting in ‘Venmo Keeps Crashing’. To handle this issue and resolve it, clear out all the information in the cache. Remember to arrange all your credentials before clearing the cache as it results in clearing your login details and other information.

To clear the cache, go to ‘Settings. Then, move to the ‘Apps’ section. Locate the ‘Venmo’ app and click it. Open the ‘Storage’ section and scroll to the bottom of this section.  Click on the ‘clear cache option. It will now clear up all the cache memory, and all the data and information on it will be lost.

Now, restart your device. Open the Venmo app, and enter your account details to open it. Check if Venmo Keeps Crashing or not.

Restart Your Device (Phone or Tablet)

Another simple procedure that certainly works for most of the problems is, restarting the device in which the app is installed. Restarting the device will clear all the cookies stored in the device, which sometimes can cause various issues with the apps. Click on the restart option of the device. The device will switch OFF for a while, and will again switch ON automatically. As soon as it restarts, open the Venmo application, and check if the problem persists or not.

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Reinstalling the Venmo Application

There can be issues with the app itself. Sometimes, the app is force stopped, or there are some issues with the cookies. Due to this, you are not able to perform any operation in the app and it crashes again and again. The best method to deal with this problem is to uninstall the Venmo application from your device and reinstall it. To uninstall the app from the device, hold the app and select the uninstall button. Restart your device. Now, go to the play store or app store. Search for the Venmo app in the search bar. Click the download button corresponding to the app. Wait for the download process to complete. Install the app, and restart the device. Now, open the app and check for success. Login to your account and check if you still face ‘Venmo Keeps Crashing’ or not.

If you’re still facing issues then get in touch with venmo customer service.

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