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Employment Development Department (EDD) provides various services under government benefits. It provides Unemployment insurance, disability insurance, overseeing workplace investment programs, paid family leave programs, and much more. To avail of the services of EDD, the customer can contact the EDD Customer Service executive on various channels such as call, live chat, online, email, etc. The officials are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week for helping and supporting their clients. You can contact for availing the programs and services of the EDD on various social media sites and EDD stores as well. EDD had a great presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How Can I Contact EDD Customer Service?

EDD provides various ways by which you can contact the executive for any query or help with its services. These are as follows:

Calling the Executive on EDD Customer Service Phone Number

The most common way to contact the executive is by calling on its official phone number. The officials are present on 800-480-3287. You can call anytime on this number and talk to the executive for any help or support services. You can call Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Live Chat with the EDD Executive Online

Secondly, you can contact EDD Executive Online on a live chat at the official website. You can open the website on your browser and visit the contact us page. After that, click on the Chat option to initiate the chat with the executive for any service. It helps you with quick and fast services as there is no waiting time and no follow-ups with the automated steps.

Drop an Email to the EDD Customer Service

Also, you can handle your service by dropping an email to the EDD official email address. Mention your area of concern in the mail and wait for the executive to respond to you.

Send the mail to the EDD office

The customer can also mail to the EDD department for their queries, complaints, and services. It may take time for your concern to handle as it is a slow process, but you will always get the best response from the agent. You can send your mail to the address:

Employment Development Department

PO Box 826880

Sacramento, CA 94280-0001

Connect with the EDD Customer Service on Social Media

The EDD representatives are also present on various social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can connect with the agent on these sites and follow up with customer service. Here are the links for these EDD social media pages,

Online Help Center on EDD Website

Lastly, the EDD support services are also accessible on its official website. The help center includes a large number of queries with their solutions. It addresses various questions about EDD services and their programs. The online help center is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Contact EDD Customer Service? How can EDD Customer Care Help the Customers?

The EDD officials are actively present for helping their customers and resolving their queries and complaints with the EDD services. You can contact the EDD customer care department for accessing the programs provided by the company, or managing the services of your program. You can contact the EDD customer care executives for various queries, such as:

EDD apply for unemployment

Seeking employment? EDD (California Employment Development Department) can be of assistance. The organization offers a wide range of services, including assisting job seekers in finding employment and helping employers fill open positions. It also gives assistance to people who are out of work, disabled workers, and assistance beneficiaries.

EDD Disability

Workers who are ill, disabled, or wounded can purchase state disability insurance. In the event that a worker is unable to execute their job due to a disability, it helps to partially replace wages. There are numerous different organizations that offer various forms of disability insurance in some states. These organizations offer detailed definitions of what constitutes a disability and what criteria a person must meet in order to be eligible for the benefit.

EDD Taxes

California’s payroll tax programs, such as Unemployment Insurance, are managed by the California Employment Development Department, one of the biggest tax collection organizations in the country. Occupational Training Tax. Insurance against State Disability.

EDD filing a claim

Quickly and conveniently apply online for jobless or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Benefit Programs Online registration and account creation are required. Make a claim next, and use UI Online to manage your unemployment.
If you made sufficient income over the previous 18 months and are currently looking for job or working part-time, you may submit a fresh claim.

EDD Handling Queries

No matter what the query you got, just reach out to EDD Customer Service by dialing the EDD Customer Service Number and then they will service you the reliable assistance.


Quickly and conveniently apply online for jobless or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Benefit Programs Online registration and account creation are required. Make a claim next, and use UI Online to manage your unemployment.

Apply for a Program

They provide a range of free training services and programs that are intended to help job seekers, employers, companies, and workforce partners. Through the USA’s Job Center of California, they provide job and training services in collaboration with local and state agencies and organizations.

Cancellation of a Program

Each state administers has its unemployment insurance program, despite the fact that the federal government finances unemployment. As a result, applying for and terminating unemployment benefits differ according to state.
Many states let you to cancel your claim by simply ceasing to submit your weekly or biweekly reports.

You can also connect with the agent for other queries and concerns. The officials are present actively helping and supporting their customers on various channels. The customer can contact on any channel for support services by an EDD Customer Service executive.

You can call on these numbers according to the query you want to raise or the support assistance. It will help you with the spontaneous services. Also, you do not have to follow the automated steps if you call on the phone number relating to your query.

EDD Customer Service – Paid Services

You can also get in touch with the EDD customer care executive using a third party. The third-party will automatically connect with the EDD representative in your place and call back to you to provide the details of the services. You need to pay this third party for their services. Normally, you can use a third party for the services in case:

  • You are not able to connect with the executive.
  • There is a long waiting time
  • You are in a remote area
  • Phone calls are not working or official timings are over

How Can I Connect with the Live Person at EDD?

The EDD Customer Service executives are present on the live chat on their official website. You can visit the website on your web browser and then go to the contact us page to initiate the chat. Start the chat by opening the chat box and then send the message to the agent relating to your service or query. The agent will respond to you instantly and handle your query. The chatbot is available during the official opening hours and you can chat anytime during those hours.

Call EDD Customer Service Phone Number – Talk to EDD Customer Care Executive

The customer can make a call to the executive by dialing EDD Customer Service Phone Number. The official hours for the call are Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can call anytime during these hours for support and assistance. Here is the list of phone numbers for the on-call assistance instantly:

Help and Support for:Phone Number
Disability Insurance1-800-480-3287
Employment Taxes1-888-745-3886
Paid Family Leave1-877-238-4373
Unemployment Insurance1-800-300-5616
Workforce Services916-654-7799

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