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Similar to any other prominent airline, hold times for contacting Qatar Airways for assistance can be unbearably long. This is where the Qatar Airways Live Chat service can help a passenger get a quick response to simple queries and concerns. Not sure how to contact Qatar Airways through live chat? Read further for more details on the online Live Chat Option Qatar Airways is offering on its website. 

Where To Find Qatar Airways Live Chat Option?

The Qatar Airways Live Chat option is conveniently available on the airline’s website. You will be required to log in to your account first to access the Live Chat feature. The process is discussed in detail below:

  • Visit the Qatar Airways website on your preferred web browser.
  • Click on the ‘Help’ button shown on the top-right of your screen.
  • On the Qatar Airways Help Page, scroll down to the ‘Talk to an Agent’ section and click on ‘Log in’.
  • Enter your email address or membership number and password to log in to your Qatar Airways account. You can also log in with your social network or ‘Beyond Business’ account.
  • Once the Live Chat window is accessed, you can select a category (such as Cancellations, Baggage Issues, etc.) and start communicating with Qatar Airways through Chat.

For any changes you request to your reservation, a confirmation email shall be sent to you once the change has been implemented from the airline’s end. The Live Chat option offered by Qatar Airways closely resembles the Phone IVR process. It can be used for more or less the same support requests.

A Representative Shall Reach Out To You If the Issue Can’t Be Resolved via Chat

It is essential to note that Qatar Airways won’t be able to resolve all your issues over chat-based assistance. If the problem a passenger is facing is more complex, a live representative shall contact them via a phone call. You might as well be issued a ‘Case Number’ that you can provide the airline. The Case Number helps airlines identify and keep track of the status of the issue you have raised.

Requests You Can Make To Qatar Airways through Live Chat Assistance

As mentioned earlier, the assistance you can get through Live Chat is more or less the same as when contacting Qatar Airways through a phone call. From seat requests to getting information on fare charges, here’s all the assistance you can get by contacting the airline via the Chat option:

  • Fare Quotes and charges for additional services
  • Seat upgrade or selection requests
  • Reissuance of booked flight tickets
  • Service animal and support animal travel
  • Special requests (meals, wheelchair assistance, medical assistance, etc.)
  • Request for general flight information

Why Live Chat with Qatar Airways Is More Effective Than Calling The Airline

A recent case study revealed that 90% of customers believe an immediate response is either important or very important. If you are looking for an instant response from Qatar Airways, you might want to avoid directly calling the airline or reaching out to them through other contact channels. If the problem you are facing with the airline is minor or you are simply looking for information related to your flight, you can rely upon the Qatar Airways Online Live Chat Feature for a quick response. Other benefits of contacting the airline through Live Chat include:

  • The option to save the transcript for future reference.
  • You or the representative can easily share web links over online chat.
  • Live Chat has the highest customer satisfaction rate among other contact channels.
  • Many travelers feel expressing their issues through Live Chat is much easier and more effective.
  • Wait times are reduced drastically.

Qatar Airways Live Chat – General Guidelines

Every Qatar Airways Customer Service channel has its strengths and weaknesses. With Live Chat, there are a few restrictions and guidelines the airline has issued.

  • Qatar Airways’ chat-based assistance is offered 24/7.
  • Any waiver requests and Credit Card information won’t be handled over Live Chat.
  • Non-QR ticket stock inquiries cannot be made through chat. 
  • Trade portal-related technical issues must be emailed to [email protected]
  • Unfortunately, as of now, Qatar Airways doesn’t give the option to upload documents during Live Chat. The airline has promised to add the option to upload attachments in the future.
  • To start a Live Chat session with Qatar Airways, you will be required to have the following details:
    • Passenger Name Record (PNR)
    • Ticket Number
    • Traveller Information
  • It is recommended that you keep any supporting documents handy before initiating the chat session.

Sending Your Concerns via Whatsapp Is An Alternative To Live Chat Service

Of all the problems a passenger might face during and after their flight, baggage-related issues are most commonly reported. In 2021, Qatar Airways introduced its dedicated baggage support team on WhatsApp. This service can help you track your baggage and is available 24/7. The airline. Simple go through the process shown below:

  • Visit the Qatar Airways Baggage Tracking page.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Chat with us on Whatsapp’. 
  • You will be required to fill out the following information:
    • Calling Code
    • Mobile Number
    • File Reference
    • Last Name
  • Click on the submit button.

Once the process is completed, a chat on Whatsapp between the customer and Qatar Airways shall be initiated.

Other alternatives to Qatar Airways Live Chat option include contacting the airline through social media channels:

Any serious grievances are recommended to be communicated to the airline via phone call or directly at the airport.

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