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Unable To Print As Your Canon Printer Gets The Canon Code 2 140 21?

Canon printers offer amazing user experience with their unmatchable features. Users can easily connect most of the cannon printers wirelessly and raise productivity at the workplace or home as well by giving commands to printers from anywhere in the desired place. But sometimes users experience is also affected by some unwanted errors as well and one of the most annoying is Canon Code 2 140 21. When users get this error they are unable to printer their desire documents as this error state that printer is in use or an unwanted error has occurred.

Canon Code 2 140 21 is the most common issue and can be resolved easily by following some of the troubleshooting steps listed in this blog. Basically, Canon Code 2 140 21 errors faced by users because of numerous bugs and technical glitches. If you don’t know how to resolve this error properly or need any kind of guidance you can reach to our helpdesk and we make sure that you get the much-needed assistance from certified assistance instantly.

Steps to fix canon error code 2, 140, 21

Method 1 – Stop-Process Of Printing To Eliminate Canon Code 2 140 21.

Canon Code 2 140 21 can occur anytime but especially when you scanning the documents for printing. It is most common and much easier to resolve the printing issue if you have any technical knowledge. You need to give a command to stop the printing process. Follow these steps to stop the printing process.

  • First of all start with the start button.
  • After that search for the control panel by Windows + R.
  • Select drivers and printer options.
  • Choose printer.
  • Now choose stop printing option.

Method 2 – Perform A Factory Reset To Resolve Canon Code 2 140 21.

If the first solution is unable to help you then don’t worry follow this method. Canon Code 2 140 21 can be resolved by performing reset. When the user resets the canon printer to factory reset al features are turned into default and need to be modified again including – paper tray size, language, and page count.

  • First of all switch off the printer.
  • After that remove the printer from all power sources and wait for 30 seconds and after that reconnect everything again.
  • Now switch on the canon printer and hold the resume button for 10 to 15 seconds to turn on the attention light.
  • After that release, the resume button and you can see that the attention light will be flashed till the printer is restored to the factory reset.
  • If you still get the Canon Code 2 140 21 then you need to follow the alternative method as well to eliminate the issue.

Alternative Method To Resolve The Canon Code 2 140 21!

When the above-listed methods are unable to offer you the desired result then you need to follow this alternative method to get instant solution from Canon Code 2 140 21. Some of the steps included in this method are listed below:

Step 1 – Reinstall Canon Printer Drivers

  • User’s need to start with uninstalling outdated or corrupt drivers b navigating them in the control panel.
  • After navigation uninstalls and reinstalls them from the official canon site or the driver disc.

Step 2 – Switch Off The Firewall

  • To turn off the firewall first of all open the control panel.
  • Now locate and choose system and security options.
  • Select the window firewall or window defender option.
  • Now choose Switch off windows firewall option.
  • After that save new firewall settings by clicking OK.

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Step 3 – Try To Replace The Printer Cartridge 

  • To replace the printer cartridge you need to know about the printer model and number.
  • Switch on the printer and after that open the lid/flap that surrounds cartridge.
  • After that note down the cartridge type and model number.
  • Pull out the cartridge carefully.
  • Open the new cartridge and by unpacking it carefully and make sure that you shake it well before installation.
  • Now remove all protection layers that come with the cartridge to protect ink dispenser.
  • Put a new cartridge into your printer.
  • After successful replacement tries to print a test page.
  • Reconfigure your canon printer again to eliminate the Canon Code 2 140 21.

All these methods will definitely help you in eliminating the Canon Code 2 140 21 error without any hassles. If you still find out any trouble while executing any of the steps you can reach our helpdesk and get the much needed remote tech assistance and services from the certified canon support technicians. Technicians available at the help are trusted, skilled, and dedicated to resolving Canon Code 2 140 21 even in odd timings.

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